Bulk Uploads

Streamline Business by Uploading Listings Automatically.

What Is Bulk Uploading?

Bulk Uploads are free for any high-volume brokerage with a normalized (computer generated) database.

If bulk listing uploads are currently being sent to other database services, Property Line can easily accept the information in the same format- simply CC a copy of the email to Property Line at the same time — unlike other companies, Property Line does not charge for listing imports.

Benefits of Bulk Uploads:

  • Take Advantage of Free Bulk Uploads - Maintain inventory at no charge to Property Line members.
  • Keep Inventory Current - Spend less time updating inventory with Bulk Uploads.
  • Excellent Client Care - Speak to a specialist at Property Line any time you need assistance with Bulk Uploads.

Call Property Line for more information about Bulk Uploads - 281-299-3161. You may also fill out our Contact Form to request information.